Mit Inkrafttreten des Curriculums 2015 wude das Fach „Legal English“ aus dem ersten Studienabschnitt herausgenommen und im zweiten Studienabschnitt durch eine der Fachsprachenausbildung dienende Lehrveranstaltung im Rahmen des Fachs Public International Law ersetzt.


Beachten Sie:

Für Studierende, die schon vor Beginn des Wintersemesters 2015/16 zum Diplomstudium der Rechtswissenschaften an der JKU zugelassen waren, den ersten Studienabschnitt aber noch nicht abgeschlossen haben, ersetzt die erfolgreiche Absolvierung des Faches Juristische Fachsprache vor 01.10. 2016 die der Fachsprachenausbildung dienende Lehrveranstaltung im Fach Public International Law (§ 19 Abs 3 Z 4 Curriculum 2015).

Für Studierende, die bei Inkrafttreten des neuen Curriculums den ersten Studienabschnitt nach den bisher geltenden Vorschriften bereits abgeschlossen haben gilt, dass diese bis 30.09.2017 anstelle des Faches Public International Law (im Ausmaß von 6 ECTS-Punkten) das Fach Völkerrecht nach den bisher geltenden Vorschriften (im Ausmaß von 3 ECTS-Punkten) absolvieren können. Ab 01.10. 2017 können diese Studierenden nurmehr das Fach Public International Law absolvieren, jedoch ohne die der Fachsprachenausbildung dienende Lehrveranstaltung, da bereits im ersten Studienabschnitt das Fach Juristische Fachsprache absolviert wurde (§ 19 Abs 4 Z 4 Curriculum 2015).



Lecture Legal English



Up to a very recent point in time, legal studies in Linz had been domestic oriented with the exception of Public International Law and European Law. However, legal problems and relationships do not end at the Austrian national border. In his/her future career the student will be expected not only to know Austrian law but also to have the skills necessary to deal with international business transactions and cross-border problems.

To achieve these objectives and to compete with other graduates, it seems useful

a) to develop an understanding of the differences between the main legal systems and of foreign legal cultures;

b) to acquire a basic knowledge as to the critical general concepts and approaches in the Anglo-American legal systems;

c) to establish a solid base of Legal Englisch as the means of communication with people from the Anglo-American orbit. In addition, Englisch as today’s lingua franca will give access to foreign colleagues from all over the world. It will be a means to understand foreign and international texts, cases and other primary and secondary sources of the law.


The information presented in the course materials will enable you

a) to learn a substantial number of legal terms in the context of legal essays and cases (which should make the learning process more interesting).

b) to understand foreign legal methods, in particular the case oriented common law methods which prevails in the Englisch speaking world.

c) to engage in comparative analysis between Anglo-American and Austrian Law (Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Contracts and selected areas of Commercial and Business Law).

d) to get a feeling for the „international“ language of lawyers.

Multimedia-materials to be used are "Dolinar, Legal English- DVD" and "Dolinar, Legal English - script".



Exam Legal English




The course Legal English consists of two Chapters: Public Law (esp. US-Constitutional Law) and Contract Law (UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods and US Contract Law). At the end of the course students are required two pass a two hour written in class exam which consists two components:

1. essays to be done in English

2. essay questions to be answered in English.

Essays are to explain and develop legal topics upon the background of US court decisions or the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.
Essay questions are general .questions taken from any topic the course.
Both essays as well as essay questions are to be answered with own words using legal terminology learned in the course.

Course Materials (Dolinar, Legal English, without personal notes) as well as dictionaries may be used during the exam. Personal notes and electronic devices are not allowed!